Crooked Halo

This painting is Victoria’s logo, and a self portrait that – like most of her paintings – was supernaturally inspired. Victoria holds a deep faith in God, and Jesus Christ as our savior. She prays continually while painting and often doesn’t even recognize herself what the image represents until she’s done. Often, there are multiple images within images, and usually she recognizes the spiritual significance within.

Strong Women

The daisies in this painting represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The five images behind them are unknown to Victoria – at this time. She recognizes them as five strong, tall women, and says they might be representative of strong women from Scripture, but isn’t sure. She said they came to her in a vision while she was painting and praying for God to direct her hand and brush.

Day Six

As most of Victoria’s work, this painting was supernaturally inspired while she prayed for God to steer her brush. It started out as a painting of irises, and became something altogether different – “completely organic” as Victoria says. She named it “Day Six” because she sees it as a depiction of God’s final day of Creation.

Be Still

Victoria created this painting for an art competition in her hometown of Mountain Brook, Alabama. The task was to paint a depiction of a still-life flower arrangement as you can see in the foreground. The tiles behind the arrangement are images of life events during which people receive flowers, such as an anniversary, birth of a child, and many more. The circles within the tile borders are representative of holes in a film reel.

Mother and Child

Victoria loves painting on wood, as she says the colors often become more vibrant. This piece, like others, is painted on a piece of plywood she found on the street while out walking her dogs. She decided to paint a depiction of Mary and Jesus, along with several crosses. Unlike many of her pieces which are created without a plan, Victoria knew what she was painting here. Note the heart shapes within the image of Mary holding Baby Jesus.

First Step

In addition to the Dingo boot in the lower left corner (one of Victoria’s favorite kinds of footwear), flowers, and greenery, there are crosses and images of several people within this painting. It’s a depiction of a situation that is familiar to many – when others tell you what you need to do – but ultimately only you can take that first step toward a true relationship with God. Victoria often paints companion pieces to her art. This piece goes with “Angel Among Us”.

Angel Among Us

This piece started with the central image of an angel and heart that Victoria drew on paper and adhered to canvas. Then she painted the entire image without any plan or notion of what was to come. Praying all the while, she later recognized a depiction of the “dark one” in yellow on the lower right corner of the painting; a yellow whale on the lower left quad of the image which is representative of the story of Jonah from the Bible. Also within Victoria sees dolphins, which she considers some of God’s friendliest creatures, and a homage to the artist Vincent Van Gogh in the black-on-white swirls along the left side of the painting. At the time, she was teaching her art students about Van Gogh, and believes that is reflected here. This piece also has a companion piece (shown here) and named “First Step”.


As most of Victoria’s paintings, this piece was created with the artist having handed her paintbrush to God and prayed for him to direct the creation. It was only after she was almost finished, that Victoria recognized and poured detail into the Tree of Life at the top of the mountain on the right side of the image. The cloud-like image in the sky is representative of God, and the angel within the tree is trying to lead the people in the image of the mountain to come toward the Lord.